Glacial models for ice-flow dynamics

The potential for volcanic eruptions and induced seismicity due to surface rebound from the recent retreat of alpine glaciers is a significant concern in several parts of the world; for example, in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier, WA; Vatnajokull, Iceland; Mt. Villarica, Chile, southern Alaska, Kamchatka, and the Aleutians. I am really interested in modeling such glacial cycle induced rebound around volcanoes or mountain ranges, constrained by uplift and erosion rates inferred from the sedimentary record of past glaciations as well as present day geomorphologic, geodetic and remote-sensing data. As a first step, I developed software tools during my doctoral research for discretizing complex 3D glacier geometry, including bedrock & surface topography, for use with existing numerical ice-flow models.

B.Tech. Senior Thesis

  • Experimental & Theoretical Study of Gas-Liquid Slug Flow in Horizontal Channels. . (Mech. Engg., Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, 1994. Supervisor: Prof. Kannan Iyer)
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