Research Interests

I am a geophysicist whose core interests lie in answering the broad questions: What is the contribution of the seismic-cycle to permanent strain accumulation and long term tectonic deformation (orogenesis)? How does orogeneis in turn modulate the seismic-cycle and associated hazard over time? To answer these questions, I use realistic numerical simulations to study how rheology and pre-existing/inherited structure influence the evolution of deformation of the crust and lithosphere over geodetic to orogenic timescales (tens to millions of years).

Geologically realistic, observationally-constrained, 3D/4D numerical modeling of tectonic deformation over timescales spanning the seismic-cycle to mountain-building (centuries to tens of Myr).

Complete seismic cycle simulations of fault creep along realistic 3D faults, using high resolution geodetic, seismic, and neotectonic datasets to constrain fault/off-fault rheology.

Modeling seismic/eruption hazards from surface rebound on volcanoes due to climate induced alpine glacial cycles, constrained by remote-sensing and sedimentary-records.

Geodynamics, mechanics, thermal/fluid transport, solid & differential geometry
Forward Numerical Methods: Finite difference, finite element and ALE.
Inverse methods: Linear/non-linear optimization, Monte-Carlo/Bayesian schemes

'An unexamined life is not worth living'       --- SOCRATES.